Lawrence Burpee

Burpee window in Westmount Public Library, Montreal.

Burpee window in Westmount Public Library, Montreal.

Lawrence Johnstone Burpee, FRSC (March 5, 1873 – October 13, 1946), was a civil servant, librarian, and author.

He entered the Canadian civil service in 1890 and served as private secretary to 3 ministers of justice. From 1905 to 1912 Burpee was librarian of the Ottawa Public Library, and from 1912 until his death was Canadian secretary to the International Joint Commission.

Burpee was a founder of the Canadian Historical Association and honorary secretary 1926-35 and president 1936-37 of the Royal Society of Canada. A prolific writer, he published many articles and works on Canadian history and geography. He was the founding editor of the Canadian Geographical Journal.

“Burpee was a fervent supporter of many causes, from the need for a national library to the independence of Poland. On the latter he published a 1939 wartime article “Poland’s fight for freedom” in the Canadian Geographical Journal. On his way to Warsaw in 1946, Burpee died at Oxford, England. He is buried there, although he is also memorialized on a stone in Beechwood Cemetery.” – Wikipedia